Midlands and East England

Location:  Derby Children’s Hospital
Nurse:  Nina
Post:  WellChild Pathway Coordinator for Children with Medical Complexity
Year post established: 2017
Post Summary: This post supports children and young people who are medically complex supporting them and their families through the many transitions they experience between hospital services and from hospital to home.

I am proud of being a WellChild nurse and really looking forward to working with children with medical complexities and their families to ensure they receive the best possible care. This post allows for a more coordinated discharge and a central point of contact for questions and concerns before and once they get home. Supporting families through a traumatic event and putting services in place is the tip of the iceberg, working with families to ensure they can make the most out of the resources and achieve a good quality of life as they transition from hospital is where a WellChild nurse role can really make a difference.

WellChild Nurse Nina

Location:  Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Nurse:  Rachel
Post:  WellChild Senior Sister for Children with Medical Complexities Team
Year post established: 2015
Post Summary: This post facilitates, coordinates and supports care delivery for medically complex children and their families.

Location:  Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Nurse:  Kelly
Post:  WellChild Nurse – Team Leader
Year post established: 2006
Post Summary: The first ever WellChild Nurse, this post supports medically complex children and their families in the community.

Location:  Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham
Nurse:  Rachel
Post:  WellChild Long Term Ventilation Nurse Specialist
Year post established: 2014
Quote: There are a growing number of home-ventilated children and this number is predicted to continue to rise. My aim as a WellChild Nurse is to provide these children’s families with the necessary help and support so that they are able to care for their child safely and expertly in the best place, namely at home.
Post Summary: Rachel is predominantly based in the community, providing support, training and care for both invasively and non-invasively ventilated children and their families and as such is their vital link between hospital to home.

Location:  Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
Nurse:  Vicky
Post:  WellChild Complex care and Discharge planning CNS
Year post established: 2009
Quote: I absolutely love my job and I learn something every day from the children, young people and fantastic families I meet
Post Summary: Vicky supports children with complex care needs in hospital and during their journey home.

Location:  Walsall Manor Hospital
Nurse:  Jenny
Post:  WellChild Discharge Liaison Nurse
Year post established: 2013
Post Summary: Jenny is the link between the hospital and community ensuring that the discharge from hospital, of children with complex needs and disabilities, is as smooth and trouble free as possible.