North of England

Location:  Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
Nurse:  Elaine
Post:  WellChild Advanced Nurse Practitioner for Long Term Ventilation
Year post established: 2007
Post Summary: This post provides children requiring Long Term Ventilation with specialist expertise, advice, support and care.

Being a WellChild Nurse means that I have the privilege of sharing the journey with some of the most inspiring children and families in the country.  I get to see first-hand what a huge difference it makes when services and professionals work together to support a child and family to be at home and stay at home, such a difference that it is impossible to put into words. I see daily the impact of co-ordinated family centred care and the difference that this makes to a child and family’s quality of life. I see myself as one of the luckiest nurses in the country to be part of the WellChild team”

WellChild Nurse Elaine

Location:  Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
Nurse: Sue
Post:  WellChild Nurse Specialist-Parent Trainer
Year post established: 2016
Post Summary: As part of the Long Term Ventilation Multidisciplinary Team the post holder provides training to parents and unpaid carers in a variety of healthcare skills. Bespoke training is offered to families using a mixture of techniques including the Better at Home Suite based at Edge Hill University.

Location:  Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Nurse: Anna
Post:  WellChild Children’s Nurse – Long Term Ventilation
Year post established: 2012
Post Summary: The Nurse Specialist for Long Term Ventilation will ensure that children and their families receive seamless and streamlined care and support that is best suited to their individual needs.

Location:  Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Nurse: Janice
Post:  WellChild Specialist Practitioner (Transition Nurse for Complex Needs and Long Term Ventilation)
Year post established: 2018
Post Summary: Janice’s role is to act as a clinical leader and resource and provide specialist expertise, advice, information and knowledge to support and facilitate the transition process for young people with complex needs and long term ventilation.

Location:  Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
Nurse:  Jacqui
Post:  WellChild Specialist Cardiac and Nutrition Nurse
Year post established: 2015
Post Summary: To deliver advice and support both to families and professionals involved in the care of children with congenital heart disease and its related nutritional difficulties/challenges.

Location:  NHS North Kirklees CCG
Nurse:  Post vacant
Post:  WellChild Specialist Children’s Nurse
Year post established: 2011
Post Summary: This post works at a strategic level to develop care pathways and care planning for children with complex needs. The post also supports families at home and helps to facilitate effective discharge home from hospital.

Location:  Sheffield Children’s Hospital
Nurse:  Amika
Post:  WellChild Home Ventilation Clinical Nurse Specialist
Year post established: 2015
Quote: I am in a very privileged position seeing families at their best and worst of times. By being a WellChild Children’s Nurse I can hopefully just make it all a bit easier for them.
Post Summary: This post provides community support and management for children and young people requiring ventilation.

Location:  Leeds Children’s Hospital
Nurse:  Helen
Post:  WellChild Children’s Nurse – Tracheostomy Nurse Specialist
Year post established: 2017
Quote: I feel very lucky to be joining the WellChild Nurse Family. This role gives me the opportunity to support children and families, not only in hospital, but also at home. These families are inspiring to work with. They have often been on a very long and emotional journey in hospital and have shown such resilience. My role aims to make a child’s stay in hospital as short as possible. Looking after a child with a tracheostomy can be a very daunting experience for parents and being in a position to be able teach and empower families to look after their child confidently at home is extremely rewarding. It’s a real privilege to be part of their journey and this team.
Post Summary: The aim of this role is to provide specialist expertise, advice and support for children who have new or established tracheostomies.

Location:  Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Nurse: Alison
Post:  WellChild Specialist Transition Nurse
Year post established: 2018
Post Summary: This post is dedicated to working across professions and agencies to ensure that transition is well planned and managed enabling each young person to move into adult life with no detrimental effect on their health or wellbeing.

Location:  Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Nurse: Jo-Anne
Post:  WellChild Nurse and Integrated team manager
Year post established: 2009
Post Summary: Jo-Anne works with children and young people in the Furness area who suffer from long-term, chronic/ complex health conditions. By providing home visits, un-necessary hospital re-admissions for procedures have been reduced, thus minimising family disruption and anxiety for the child.