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11 year old Mehd’s garden makeover

Mehd has a rare genetic condition which causes eye abnormalities, short stature and developmental delay. He is severely sight impaired and registered blind and he requires constant supervision to keep him safe. Mehd can say...

Posted 03 Apr 2017

Garden makeover for 10 year old Curtis in Truro

10 year old Curtis has Charge Syndrome. He is profoundly deaf, visually impaired, is unable to talk and has a limited vocabulary of signs. Curtis also has a complex and life limiting heart condition and...

Posted 22 Mar 2017

Garden makeover for young girl in Ilford

This was the garden before our Helping Hands team set to work This is the family garden now This young girl has cystic fibrosis, which causes a build up of mucus in the body making...

Posted 08 Mar 2017

Jack’s Helping Hands Garden Makeover

Watch Jack explore his new garden for the first time Jack has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, he requires a Nasopharyngeal airway, is fed via a feeding tube and is a wheelchair user....

Posted 15 Feb 2017

Evie’s Helping Hands Garden Makeover

10 year old Evie from London has Autism, a developmental disability which affects how she perceives the world and how she interacts with other people. She has no sense of danger and will run off...

Posted 02 Feb 2017

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