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New Accessible Garden for Five Year Old Cayden

Cayden has autism, which affects his behaviour, learning ability and communication. He also has hypermobility which makes him unsteady on his feet. He has no awareness of danger so his parents need to watch him...

Posted 30 Apr 2019

13 year old Jake’s new accessible garden

Jake has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, he also has learning difficulties and severe reflux. He is non verbal and communicates through facial expressions and gestures. Jake also has epilepsy with frequent hospital admissions. Jake...

Posted 24 Aug 2018

Six year old Keryn’s garden makeover

Keryn has a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome. She has low muscle tone, a heart condition, delayed learning and sleeping problems. She has no awareness of danger and will put anything in her mouth. Keryn has...

Posted 31 Jul 2018

Garden makeover - Keryn

Samuel and Ethan’s garden makeover

Samuel has severe asthma, autism and complex learning difficulties. He also has epilepsy, joint hyper mobility, and adrenal insufficiency. He can become very ill, quickly and has been admitted to hospital frequently when his asthma...

Posted 25 Jun 2018

Hilti team from day two

10 year old Lucie’s new accessible garden

Lucie has Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder which causes a progressive inability to use muscles for eye and body movements and speech. She also has scoliosis and epilepsy. Lucie uses a wheel chair full...

Posted 13 Jun 2018

7 year old Khyri’s new accessible garden

Khyri is autistic, is non-verbal and has no awareness of danger, which puts him at risk of hurting himself. Khyri gets very frustrated when he does not understand things which can have a negative impact...

Posted 22 May 2018

The finished garden makeover