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7 year old Khyri’s new accessible garden

Khyri is autistic, is non-verbal and has no awareness of danger, which puts him at risk of hurting himself. Khyri gets very frustrated when he does not understand things which can have a negative impact...

Posted 22 May 2018

The finished garden makeover

Seven year old Joel’s garden makeover

Joel has a rare genetic condition, which causes epilepsy, developmental delay, profound multiple learning disabilities and quadriplegia – loss of use of all four limbs. He is a full time wheelchair user and needs 24...

Posted 09 Jun 2017

Nathan and Declan’s garden makeover

13 year old Nathan has Down’s syndrome and autism. His little brother Declan is five years old and has a rare Chromosome disorder called 16p micro deletion. Local parks and play areas are difficult for...

Posted 08 May 2017

11 year old Mehd’s garden makeover

Mehd has a rare genetic condition which causes eye abnormalities, short stature and developmental delay. He is severely sight impaired and registered blind and he requires constant supervision to keep him safe. Mehd can say...

Posted 03 Apr 2017