WellChild Awards 2018 Nominations

Please fill out the form below to nominate someone for a WellChild Award.

There are nine categories open for nominations in the WellChild Awards. Click here for more information on the different categories.

Entries for the 2018 WellChild Awards will be judged by an expert panel including children’s health researchers, former winners and health professionals. Awards will be handed out at a glamorous event in London in the Autumn of 2018.



What are the categories?

Children’s Categories

  • Inspirational Child aged 4-6 (male and female award)
  • Inspirational Child aged 7-10 (male and female award)
  • Inspirational Young Person aged 11-14 (male and female award)
  • Inspirational Young Person aged 15-18 (male and female award)
  • Most Caring Child or Young Person (male and female award)

Professional Categories

  • Inspirational Nurse
  • Inspirational Doctor
  • Inspirational Health Team
  • Outstanding Professional Award

What is the age limit for nominating a child or young person?

We accept nominations for children or young people between and including the ages of 4 to 18. This also applies to the Caring Child categories. Unfortunately, we will not be able to include nominations for those outside of this age group.

How will I know if my nomination has been successful?

Successful nominations will be informed by the end of June after the judging panel has met. If you have not heard anything by then unfortunately you have not been successful this year.

Can I nominate more than once?

You can make as many nominations as you wish in the categories listed. Please be aware that multiple nominations for one person will be counted as only one. The amount of nominations one person sends for an individual does not promote the nomination as only one will go through to the judging panel. But if many people nominate one individual then this will go to the judges in support of the nomination.

Will the person I nominate be informed of their nomination?

All eligible persons nominated, or their family in the case of a child, will be informed via letter once a nomination has been received.

History of the WellChild Awards

Since our very first WellChild Awards in 2005 the ceremony has dramatically grown in both size and reputation.

The WellChild Awards was the first awards ceremony to celebrate the remarkable courage shown by children throughout the UK who live with serious and complex illnesses every day. It was also the first time that these children could be honoured next to their friends and siblings who care for them and the health professionals who dedicate so much of their time ensuring that their patients are receiving the very best of care and support to enhance their quality of life.


Nominations have always been open to the public, giving everyone the chance to nominate someone special to them, and it’s this which we feel makes the WellChild Awards so special. Every nomination has a story which has moved someone to the extent that they feel that they should be recognised for what they are doing or for how they are dealing with what they are going through. The professional winners tell us every year how humbled they feel to have received an award they have been put forward for by a family of a child who they have cared for. The families often feel that the WellChild Awards is the best way to enable them to express just how much that person has changed the life of their child.


Winning a WellChild Award can offer some positive distraction to families who may be going through a tough time in their seriously ill child’s life. While the illnesses of the children and young people nominated all differ, they consistently show a common theme; the fact that they don’t and won’t give up fighting to live a life unconstrained by their illness or condition. Each one blows us away with their determination and spark for life.

We have been fortunate to have awarded over 130 deserving winners over the years, spanning across the UK; the Isle of Arran to Southampton, Swansea to Essex and all in between.

Professional category winners have historically included doctors, nurses, researchers, volunteers, paediatric teams, child psychologists and school nurses with the nominations received directly from the families or the children they have been involved in caring for.

Media Partners

We are fortunate to have worked in some great media partnerships with the WellChild Awards, including, You magazine (Sunday magazine for The Daily Mail), Daybreak, Good Morning Britain and BEST magazine. We also work with national and regional media outlets to provide them with coverage of the event and interviews with our winners, celebrity patrons and corporate supporters, for example Daily Mail and ITV News among others.

WellChild Patron

Our patron Prince Harry has honoured us with his attendance at a number of our ceremonies, spending time with the winners and sharing in the celebration of what these children, young people and professionals have achieved.