Rogan’s Story

Thriving at home after 10 months in hospital.

Rachel had a normal pregnancy but when Rogan was born, it became apparent that he was unwell. Rogan was born with a rare undiagnosed syndrome which means he is fed by a tube, has a tracheostomy and needs ventilation overnight and sometimes during the day.

Rogan was transferred to Edinburgh Sick Kids where the family met WellChild Nurses Linda and Laurie. Rogan’s ventilation was sorted out and after three months in Edinburgh, he was transferred back to Ninewells.

WellChild Nurses trained Rogan’s parents in caring for his tracheostomy – how to change it, what to do in an emergency, and gave them both CPR training.

Ariel shot of a young boy lying in a hospital bed with his parents and WellChild Nurse looking over him.

With the help of WellChild Nurses Linda and Laurie, Rogan was finally discharged home on 22nd December, after spending 10 months in hospital. Their WellChild Nurses are always on the end of the phone if they have any concerns or worries.

Rogan is now at home doing really well. In 2017 he was able to attend his parents’ wedding and he now goes to nursery two days a week and has an overnight care package.

Rogan is doing really well at home now. WellChild Nurse Linda was fantastic in helping us coordinate everything needed to have him come home to us, and it is such a comfort to know she is on the end of the phone whenever we have any concerns.

Wayne, Rogan's dad

Rogan at his parent's wedding