Our Fundraising Pledge

Give with confidence, read our fundraising pledge to you.

We pledge to respect you and your decisions.

We will never put any undue pressure on you to make donations to us, and we will do all we can to ensure that if we have anyone working on our behalf they do not do so either. If you don’t want to make a gift, or want to cease your regular donations then we will always respect your decision. We’re committed to the Institute of Fundraising’s code of practice including their guidelines on vulnerable people. You can read WellChild’s policy on the Protection of Vulnerable Supporters by clicking on this link.

We pledge not to sell your details.

We will keep your contact details and email address safe and we will never sell them on to any third parties. We’ll always give you the choice to opt in to being contacted by third parties who are supporting WellChild. We’ll only ask you to provide your telephone number and email address if you are happy for us to contact you in those ways. The only exception is participation in Challenge Events, where for reasons of health and safety, telephone and email contact details are required for everyone taking part.

We pledge to treat your debit/credit card security as seriously as you do.

If you donate online, we will redirect you through a secure payment gateway. We will only retain your card or bank account details if you choose to make regular gifts to WellChild. All such data is held securely. If you donate by debit or credit card, your card details will be destroyed securely once the transaction has been processed.

We pledge to keep you informed and inspired.

Through our website, newsletters and social networks we will keep you updated on the life-transforming ways your donations are being spent and what impact they are having. We hope that showing you the difference you are making will inspire you to stay involved with WellChild.

We pledge to stop keeping you informed if that’s what you’d like.

We’ll always make it easy for you to choose not to receive any more communications from us. We will include an ‘unsubscribe’ link on every one of our emails. Or you can let us know by calling us on 01242 530007 or emailing us at info@wellchild.org.uk

We pledge to thank you.

We will always endeavour to acknowledge and thank you for every donation.

We pledge not to take you for granted.

We might not get it right every time and we are really sorry for that. We’re very grateful to, and very proud of each and every one of our supporters. Your feedback is really important to us as we strive to improve in every way.

We pledge to handle any complaints promptly and fairly.

We will ensure that your complaint is taken seriously and handled fairly, with courtesy and discretion. We aim to respond to you fully within 20 working days. You will receive an acknowledgment of your complaint within 5 working days. If we get it wrong or if you are unhappy with us in any way, please let us know so we can put things right. Just email us at info@wellchild.org.uk or telephone 01242 530007.

WellChild welcomes and fully supports the introduction of the new Fundraising Regulator and its’ aims. We are  are registered with the Regulator, allowing us to display their logo on our website and fundraising materials.

If you wish to contact the Fundraising Regulator directly  for complaints relating to fundraising, please click here.

If you have a concern or complaint relating to illegal or criminal activity, a charity not following charity law or a charity losing lots of money, you can raise your concerns directly with the Charity Commission if based in England or Wales, by clicking here; or with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator if based in Scotland, by clicking here.

November 2017

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