Transforming Garden Spaces

The Helping Hands programme works alongside corporate partners to deliver safe and accessible spaces for children in the UK with complex heath needs.

What is Helping Hands and what do we do?

WellChild’s vision is for every child and young person living with serious health needs to have the best chance to thrive – properly supported at home with their families. Back in 2006 it became apparent that many of the families that we were supporting couldn’t access local recreational spaces for a variety of reasons and that there home outdoor spaces were unsuitable for their conditions, the equipment that they relied upon and could simply be another thing taking up vital time and resource just in upkeep.

The Helping Hands programme was created to work with teams of corporate volunteers to deliver life changing home improvement projects. From that small start, we have completed over 450 garden and bedroom projects nationwide.  The programme works closely with our beneficiaries’ to identify their needs from the space before designing a lower maintenance, safe, accessible and often sensory space. With our Helping Hands Project Managers (PM) then organising all elements of the project, including procurement, equipment, environmental disposal and Health and Safety, our corporate partners step forward to fund and participate in the transformation, working together and under the guidance of the experienced Project Managers to really make that difference.

I am a corporate, how do I get involved? Helping Hands provides a unique team engagement opportunity. It enables teams to deliver a high quality, bespoke project that leaves a lasting impact and enables a child the opportunity to thrive at home.

Girl standing on a paved path outside with a hedge on her left hand side. She is wearing a leopard print jumper.

I am a family or healthcare professional Information on applying for a WellChild Helping Hands Garden transformation and advice.