Apply for a WellChild Nurse

Information on applying for a WellChild Nurse for your trust, as well as the WellChild Nurse roles currently available.

How to apply for a WellChild Nurse

The aim of this programme is to fund WellChild Nurses to work with families caring for children and young people with serious or complex health needs that require long term and high level care.  The main focus of the post must be ensuring early discharge and the provision of high quality individualised care at home.

Funding will be for a Band 7 post for a period of three years.

Currently we are unable to accept applications from other charities (including hospices). If there is a clear need for each individual post we would accept more than one application from the same NHS Trust or an NHS Trust that already has a WellChild Nurse post in place.

How to apply

Applications for the WellChild Nurse Programme are currently closed.

For further information or if you have any questions about the application process please email [email protected] , Charitable Programmes Project Manager

How to apply to be a WellChild Nurse

All WellChild Nurse vacancies are advertised on the NHS Jobs site so please check this regularly. Recruitment is managed by the local NHS Trust advertising the role. Details of current opportunities to apply to be a WellChild Nurse are listed here >>