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19 year old Rhea secures Moonpig apprenticeship thanks to WellChild Award win

Winning a 2021 WellChild Award has been a tremendous boost to Rhea's confidence and opened up new opportunities for her.

By Charlotte Edwards · February 10, 2022

19-year-old Rhea won a 2021 Special Recognition WellChild Award. While at the ceremony Rhea gifted some of the greetings cards that she makes to WellChild Patron the Duke of Sussex, as well as celebrity attendees including Ed Sheeran, Ronnie Wood, Amanda Holden and AJ Pritchard.

Shortly after the 2021 WellChild Awards ceremony Rhea was contacted by Moonpig CEO, Nickyl Raithatha and his wife, who had been inspired by watching media coverage of Rhea’s WellChild Award and wanted to support her burgeoning greetings card business. Moonpig offered Rhea an apprenticeship and her range of cards, Perfectly Imperfect Prints by Rhea, were stocked on its online shop in time for Christmas 2021.

“The WellChild Award is a great initiative to bring much needed attention and create opportunities for talented young people like Rhea. Without the awards, her story might not have reached us, but we’re so happy to be able to play a part in her future journey - giving her a platform to sell her lovely card designs on Moonpig."

Moonpig CEO, Nickyl Raithatha

Rhea has worked really hard on her Moonpig apprenticeship and her mother, Purabi Lakhani, is delighted with the boost it has given to her daughter’s confidence.

She said: “I would encourage people to nominate someone special they know for a WellChild Award as it can be the start of a beautiful journey. It has been such a privilege for our family and I can’t put into words how it feels for your child to win an award when that child has struggled her whole life on 24/7 support.

“Every day we go into her room where her WellChild Award has pride of place. For someone like Rhea, whose life is so filled with trauma and bad news, it is wonderful to have such a positive experience. To anyone thinking of nominating someone, I’d say don’t leave it to the last minute.”