A safe, accessible and fun garden for Lorenna and family

Thanks to a team from Speedy Services, Lorenna now has an outside space that she can enjoy with her family.

By Charlotte Edwards · March 9, 2022

Six year old Lorenna is an active little girl who loves being outside. Lorenna has chronic lung disease and requires continuous oxygen via her tracheostomy. She wears hearing aids, communicates using Makaton and is fed through a tube directly into her stomach. Lorenna needs full-time adult support and her wide range of needs make it very difficult for the family to have days out. The family applied for a WellChild Helping Hands garden makeover so that they could have a safe, accessible outdoor space at home for Lorenna to play in.

The family garden before the team set to work
Lorenna, her family and the team in the new garden

Speedy Services generously provided funding and a team of volunteers to complete this garden makeover. Our team travelled the 165 miles with all our tools and equipment thanks to the van kindly given by West Way Nissan.

The team worked incredibly hard over two days to create a safe and engaging environment for Lorenna and her family. The existing concrete ramp and shed base were removed in order to make way for the new accessible space for Lorenna.

A composite deck was constructed over the exiting slabbed area to create a level surface. The deck was raised to meet the door at the back of the house making access to the garden easier. This now leads to a large area of artificial grass. The team worked hard to level out the existing garden which was sloped and uneven. The area was completed with Lorenna’s very own swing which has a fully supportive seat so she can enjoy it safely.

Having a safe and level garden will enable Lorenna to strengthen her mobility and access play equipment, whilst also spending more time with her family and playing with her siblings.

“I can’t believe it, thank you so much, she loves it!

Colleen, Lorenna’s mum

This project meant an early start for our team in the West Way Nissan van