Accessible garden for Adil thanks to volunteers from Salesforce

A safe, accessible and sensory outside space at home for Adil and his family.

By Charlotte Edwards · November 1, 2021

Garden with concrete slabs and boggy grass
The family garden before our team started work

Adil loves being outdoors and especially enjoys the swings at the local park. However, going out is not always easy as he struggles to understand the world around him and often tries to run off. Adil has autism, learning difficulties, hypermobility and he is non-verbal. He regularly tries to eat non-edible items so requires constant supervision, especially when outside.

The family garden was boggy and unsuitable for Adil to use. Our team was joined by volunteers from Salesforce who worked incredibly hard, despite delays in deliveries, to finish the project on time.

“Its great, Adil will love playing out here so much!”

Rahat, Adil’s mum

Since Adil loves swings, the centre point for this garden had to be his own swing over a rubber matted area. This is flanked on two sides by artificial grass which not only provides additional safe space to play, but a pleasing sensory feel for Adil as well. The play area is surrounded by an existing fence and balustrade fencing which the team created.

Garden with a swing over rubber matting
The finished garden