Eva enjoys brand new accessible garden for the first time thanks to Hilti and West Way Nissan!

Eight-year-old Eva needed an accessible outside space to spend quality time with her family.

By Charlotte Edwards · July 4, 2022

Eva loves being outdoors but she struggled to access the outside space at home as the family garden wasn’t suitable to her needs. Eva has Angelman syndrome which is a genetic disorder that causes developmental and neurological disabilities. She is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair. Eva is able to crawl and can mobilise with a walking aid and adult supervision but the family garden wasn’t suitable. The family had a ramp built for Eva which created access into the garden but the rest of the garden was bumpy with uneven surfaces which was inaccessible to her in her wheelchair and walker.

We wanted to create a suitable and safe space for Eva and her family to spend time in. This will improve homelife for the whole family as they can enjoy spending quality time together.

The family garden before the team got to work

Hilti assembled a team of volunteers who worked incredibly hard to transform part of Eva’s garden into a safe and accessible space for her to enjoy. The team began by clearing the existing turf and uneven ground to create space for a decked frame. A ramp was also assembled that leads up to an area of decking and artificial grass. This area now houses a pergola and benched seating with beautiful flowerbeds.

Eva can now safely access and explore the family garden. She will be able to play outside with her sister and gain strength and independence. This garden transformation will have a positive impact on homelife for Eva and the whole family.

Eva’s garden makeover marks the 30th project that our West Way Nissan van has got us to, saving us a remarkable £7,000 across these projects. A huge thank you to Hilti and West Way Nissan for making this possible.

Eva enjoying the garden transformation

“It is better than I could have ever imagined’

Kirsty - Eva’s mum