Family garden transformed into accessible space for Cassie

Volunteers from Siemens joined our team to create a safe, fun and accessible space for 10 year old Cassie.

By Charlotte Edwards · June 21, 2022

10 year old Cassie enjoys the outdoors but struggled to access the family garden. Cassie has cerebral palsy, CHARGE syndrome and global developmental delay. She is a full-time wheelchair user and is unable to mobilise herself. Cassie is non verbal so understanding her wants and needs can be difficult. She attends a special needs school and requires full adult support to ensure her safety.

Cassie’s garden was very uneven and not accessible for her when in her wheelchair or walker. In order to improve Cassie’s emotional and physical wellbeing we needed to create an outdoor space that Cassie could enjoy safely and that suited her needs.

The garden before the team set to work

Volunteers from Siemens worked incredibly hard across two days to transform part of the garden which consisted of uneven ground and loose gravel.

Thanks to the team this area has now been replaced with artificial grass and decking. This is accessible to Cassie whilst in her wheelchair or when practicing with her walking frame. The decked area with garden furniture set, means the whole family can spend quality time outside together. This will improve home life and they can enjoy creating happy memories.

A huge thanks to Siemens volunteers and also to West Way Nissan for enabling us to get ourselves and the tools to Cassie’s garden makeover safely.

The finished garden

“Thank you so much, she’s going to love it!”

Marta, Cassie’s mum