It’s cha-cha-charity time for dancer AJ and WellChild Award winner Isaac

Once in a lifetime dance lesson from AJ Pritchard for WellChild Award winner Isaac!

By Charlotte Edwards · March 14, 2022

2021 WellChild Award winner, 11-year-old Isaac Vials Moore, and his younger sister, Gwen, have been tripping the light fantastic with a VIP lesson from dancer AJ Pritchard. Isaac won the Young Carer award having impressed judges with the way he cares for Gwen and supports his mum, Cora, both of whom have complex health problems.

Seven-year-old Gwen was bitterly disappointed when she wasn’t able to attend the ceremony last June and so Isaac, who is always seeking ways to help other people, was delighted to be able to involve her in this special follow-up treat.

AJ and his partner Abbie Quinnen made the trip from London having arranged for the dance lesson to take place at AJ’s parents’ studio near Nuneaton so that Isaac and his family wouldn’t have to travel too far from their home in Crosby.

Isaac’s mum Cora said: “AJ and Abbie went to so much trouble to set things up. On the day they were absolutely lovely and greeted Isaac like an old friend, even though they’d met just once as guests at the WellChild Awards.”

"AJ is an amazing teacher. He seemed to sense immediately how to adapt his teaching style to suit Isaac and this gave him so much confidence.”

Cora, Isaac's mum

As Isaac was making fabulous progress, dancing step by step alongside AJ, Gwen would join in enthusiastically from time to time before returning to Abbie who went out of her way to entertain Isaac’s sister so he could focus on his lesson with AJ.

Isaac supports Gwen and his mum by helping with many daily activities and fundraising for charities and organisations who help his sister, including WellChild. He is unfailingly kind and proactive in finding ways to help other people. Since attending the WellChild Awards, Isaac has once more taken the initiative to support other children he met at the ceremony by arranging meetings and sending gifts and messages of support when they are facing difficult times.

His relationship with AJ and Abbie also stemmed from the ceremony where, as special guests they chatted to all the winners. Inspired by Isaac’s interest in AJ’s career they offered to treat him to a private dance lesson.

Reflecting on his special experience Isaac said: “It was really exciting and has made me want to carry on dancing, maybe not as a professional like AJ but as a hobby. I really like AJ and Abbie because they are so kind.”