Lockdown Memories Book supports the NHS and WellChild

By Chris Hill · May 11, 2020

Lockdown Memories Book

Lockdown has brought around a number of challenges to us all but three children from Hyde have put their time to good use by raising funds for WellChild and the NHS.

Freya (7), Thomas (6) and Isla (3) have created a book to keep their lockdown memories in.  This includes photos of their rainbow drawings, door step clapping and experience of home schooling.

Having created their book they wanted to share it with other children and that is where the idea of the Lockdown Memories Booka delightful 40 page book for children, came from.

Three children with Lockdown Memories Book

It isn’t just a memory book from this historical moment in time, but it also includes fun activities and puzzles for children to enjoy. The book also subtly addresses children’s mental health with the inclusion of positive quotes and diary pages which encourages a child to write about the emotions and feelings at a time when a lot of children are feeling the effects of being away from normal life, not seeing family or friends and not benefiting from the routine of school life.

“Its strange being home all the time, I miss my school and friends so I wanted to make something I could share with other children. We have heard how amazing the NHS is doing and how people are raising money for them and we wanted to help too” said Freya who along with her brother Thomas and sister Isla attend Brabyns Preparatory School in Marple.

“We are also worried about children who might be poorly and this is why we wanted to also include a children’s charity and chose WellChild to also include to the fundraising”

Freya, 7 years old

Rebecca expressed her pride as a mum “The children expressed a desire over and over that they wanted to do something to help which makes me so proud. Freya had been writing her memories and Thomas had been doing a puzzle and this is when the idea came together and they just wanted something to make children smile. The book is really lovely and I’m grateful that they have been able to put their idea into production and hope that people can support it so the children can donate the proceeds to these amazing organisations”

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Books cost £7.99 with profits going to NHS and WellChild.

Books can be purchased online here >>