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New accessible garden for seven year old Reggie

Reggie loves spending time outside, but accessing the family garden was difficult. Our team and volunteers have transformed it into a suitable space that he can enjoy.

By Charlotte Edwards · February 2, 2022

Seven year old Reggie has limited vision, four limb cerebral palsy and global development delay. He is unable to walk so spends a lot of time crawling or using his wheelchair. Reggie requires 24 hour care and full adult support.

Reggie’s home has been adapted providing him with level access throughout, including a downstairs bedroom and wet room. The garden however was inaccessible and not safe for Reggie to spend time in.

The family garden before our team set to work
Siemens volunteers working hard in the garden

A team of volunteers from Siemens joined us and spent two days transforming Reggie’s garden from bumpy and sloped to an accessible safe place for Reggie and his family to spend time in.

The team began by removing the weed covered, uneven lawn and the whole area excavated. Next they constructed a decked access path which joins the garden entrance and the door to Reggie’s room, which in turn ramps down to a large area of artificial grass.

Reggie is a triplet and has an older brother. All four children can now access the garden to play together. They can enjoy spending time with family and friends and can create wonderful memories.

“Absolutely brilliant job, thank you so much!”

Sarah—Reggie’s mum

The finished, accessible garden