Propp will support seriously ill children in partnership with WellChild

WellChild will be able to help even more children and families across the UK in the next year thanks to support from Propp, the UK's first specialist property finance comparison site.

By Chris Hill · December 16, 2021

Propp’s staff are planning a series of activities both to raise money for WellChild’s work and to directly help complex needs children and their families.

In September 2021 the firm’s staff volunteered at a WellChild Helping Hands project, to help transform the garden of a young boy called Leo from Portsmouth, to make the outside space more suitable for his needs.  Propp staff are now set to help WellChild complete another garden transformation for Archie from Fareham, so he will be able to enjoy the garden with the rest of his family.

To help raise vital funds for WellChild, Propp also plan for members of staff to take part in a 24 hour Three Peaks Challenge event, scaling the three highest peaks in the UK: Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis, within a 24 hour period to raise money for WellChild’s work. And the staff will also be taking part in the charity’s virtual Step Up Challenge in which they will conquer up to four different physical challenges, set by some of the children WellChild support, with Propp match funding the money raised for any member of staff who completes all four.

WellChild’s step up challenges are Noah’s 5km, Louie’s 21km, Jessie’s 52km and, the ultimate, Oliver’s 257km challenge. You can find out more about the challenges and how to be involved in the Step Up Challenge and all of WellChild’s other fundraising initiatives here.


2022 is jam packed full of fundraising opportunities and we’re excited to leverage our influence in our industry to raise as much money as possible for a fantastic charity.

Peter Williams, CEO of Propp

WellChild Chief Executive Colin Dyer said: “We are incredibly grateful to Propp and all their staff for supporting WellChild over the next year in a wide range of ways, both fundraising for our work and helping families directly through volunteering for our Helping Hands projects. Their support would be welcome at any time but it is particularly so now because COVID-19 saw WellChild lose 60% of our forecasted income and yet the demand for help from families caring for some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society sky-rocketed.”

Peter Williams, CEO at Propp said: “After helping little Leo earlier on in the year, we as a team felt quite strongly that we wanted to continue to support WellChild, both with their local projects such as Helping Hands; and more widely, with their fundraising initiatives.

2022 is jam packed full of fundraising opportunities and we’re excited to leverage our influence in our industry to raise as much money as possible for a fantastic charity.”

WellChild provides essential and practical support to ensure that the increasing number of seriously ill children and young people in the UK have the best chance to thrive – properly supported at home with their families., the specialist comparison site makes comparing bridging, commercial and development finance deals simple. The team at Propp pride themselves on putting the power back in the hands of borrowers by lifting the lid on the markets rates and using their influence in the industry to negotiate on borrowers’ behalves. They use technology to drive competition between lenders with the ultimate goal of making the specialist finance industry fairer, more transparent and more competitive. Their website and digital optimisation process, coupled with their influence and industry experience, allow them to negotiate and guide borrowers to the best deals available on the market.

Propp’s team have created a culture of honesty and togetherness over years of working together, much like you would find in a family business, supporting their customers and each other. While they embrace technology to make life easier for all, they also understand that it is their personable and personalised service combined with decades of knowledge and experience that makes the difference to their customers.