Schools, Colleges and Universities

At WellChild, we love working together with Schools, Colleges and Universities. Find out how you can get involved by downloading our fundraising pack.


There are so many ways in which fundraising for WellChild can engage students and colleagues alike. Not only does it provide valuable lessons in community spirit but also highlights the importance of social responsibility and caring for others. Plus, it’s really good fun!

We can supply you with all the fundraising materials you’ll need to put on a really successful event, including t-shirts, banners, balloons, collections tins and a whole lot more. Whether it involves 5 or 500 we’re here to support you along the way.

Charity of the year

Does your School, College or University have a Charity of the Year? We’d love to work together in fundraising for children and young people who are seriously ill and really need our help.

If you would like to do fundraising for WellChild or choose us as your charity of the year, please get in touch with the fundraising team on 01242 530007 or send them an email.