Step Up for WellChild

Take part in a virtual challenge to keep active and support WellChild.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean becoming less active! Take on one of our virtual challenges to keep fit, motivated and beat the isolation blues.

Join our community of virtual runners, walkers and cyclists on Facebook. Connect and share your routes and experiences of keeping active whilst social distancing.

Four of the seriously ill children WellChild supports have set you the task of taking part in a virtual challenge!

Sign up for just £5 and support WellChild! Raise an extra £20 through sponsorship and you will receive a physical medal, designed by the seriously ill child who set your challenge.

How it works

1. Pick the distance Noah’s 5k Run, Louie’s 21k Week of Walking, Jessie’s 52k Cycle or Oliver’s 257k Challenge.

2. Sign up for just £5 Set up your fundraising page - If you raise at least £20.00 for WellChild we’ll send you a physical medal designed by the child who set your challenge!

3. Complete your challenge Tell us how you completed your challenge, by sending a screenshot of a tracking app, some photos, or a map of the route you took.

4. Receive your virtual medal Share across your social media to show off your achievement!

Although we have set out suggested ways to complete your challenge, It’s your challenge, your way so you can complete the challenges however you like and to your own timeframe. You could get really creative and come up with your own way of completing the distance! Get creative, keep active and support WellChild, Good luck!

How do I claim my medal?

Post a screenshot from your app or fitness tracker of your completed challenge on the Step Up for
WellChild Facebook group or alternatively, email us at

What if I don’t have a fitness tracker?

There are lots of ways for you to send us evidence of your challenge. For example, sending us some photos of you on your challenge, sending a map of the route that you took, or downloading a tracking app for your phone. If you are unsure about which phone apps to use, please get in touch.

Is there a fundraising target?

Although it is not compulsory, we encourage participants to raise £20 for WellChild. WellChild needs your support right now so we can provide vital services to vulnerable seriously ill children and their families that would not exist otherwise. By raising £20 for WellChild you could fund an hour of life changing support from a WellChild Nurse for a seriously ill child. Set up a Just Giving page visit:

What if something, for example an injury, prevents me from undertaking my planned challenge?

You can rearrange the challenge to a time that works for you. Please contact us at

Step Up for WellChild terms and conditions
1. By signing up to a Step Up virtual challenge participants are agreeing to these terms
and conditions
2. Sign ups are non transferable.
3. There is no lower age limit for entering the challenge, however children should be
supervised by an adult.
4. Participants agree that they are physically able to participate in the challenge they
have chosen.
5. Participants acknowledge they will participate and complete their nominated distance
at locations chosen by them and at their own risk. Participants are responsible for
undertaking a Step Up challenge safely. WellChild accepts no responsibility for any
accidents or injuries sustained whilst taking part in Step Up for WellChild.
6. After completing a Step Up challenge it is the participant’s responsibility to notify
WellChild and provide evidence of the challenge’s completion. WellChild will not
provide participants with a medal unless we are provided with evidence from the
participant, and they have raised an extra £20 for the charity after the £5 sign up fee.
Evidence we accept includes:
• A screenshot from a fitness tracking app eg. Strava, Fitbit ect
• Photos of the participant undertaking the challenge in conjunction with a map
of the route taken.
7. WellChild will only provide participants with one medal per sign up. Participants will
receive their medal by post (providing they have raised extra funds for WellChild
totalling at least £20) and must inform WellChild of any changes to address or
personal details before notifying WellChild of the challenge’s completion.
8. When submitting an image or video, participants must confirm that they have the
permission of all the people in the image/video. We are likely to use any
images/videos for social media promotion of Step Up, and will ask participants for
further permission if using the image elsewhere.
9. All data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice:
10. WellChild aims to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, however we
know there may be times when we may not meet our own high standards. If you wish
to make a complaint please use the contact details found here:

Step Up challenges are solo, virtual challenges. Please do not organise Step Up challenges in groups. The current government restrictions allow individuals to exercise outside. If you are taking on one of our challenges outside of your own home, please read the government’s guidance on social distancing, which can be found here, and adhere to it at all times. Please make sure you follow government guidelines on unnecessary travel.

Noah's 5K run - one day challenge

Has your local 5k run been called off? Take part in Noah’s virtual 5k instead alongside our team of virtual runners! Take on the challenge and help us continue to support seriously ill children when they need us most. Work up to running 5k in one go with popular programmes such as Couch to 5k. If exercising outside, please adhere to government guidelines.
Noah holding the medal he designed for the step up challenge

Noah’s Story

Nine-year-old Noah lives in Yorkshire with his mum, dad and little brother Oscar. Like many seriously ill children across the UK, Noah’s journey has not been easy.

Noah was born with interstitial lung disease and spent the first nine months of his life in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.  Noah has a tracheostomy to keep his airway open, and a ventilator to help him breathe at night. Whilst in hospital, Noah’s parents met WellChild Nurses Elaine & Katie, who helped transition Noah home, providing emotional and practical support to Noah’s parents along the way.

At home, Noah requires round-the-clock care and makes a 5k journey each month to the hospital pharmacy for lifesaving medicine. For his parents, this is a small journey to make to have their son back at home.

Louie's 21K week of walking

Perfect for dog owners, Louie’s 21k Week of Walking gets you outside and walking once a day for a week. Enjoy some fresh air and exercise to make sure you’re not cooped up inside whilst social distancing. Bring along your dog as the perfect walking companion whilst you support seriously ill children around the UK. If exercising outside, please adhere to government guidelines.
Louie holding the Step Up medal he designed

Louie’s Story

14-year-old Louie has cri-du-chat syndrome, a condition causing developmental delay, low muscle tone and microcephaly.

Louie lives in Cornwall, surrounded by beaches. However, despite the holistic benefits of living in such a beautiful location, it comes with challenges. Louie attends a special educational needs school, which is over 21k away and the local council is unable to provide transport. The school run for Louie’s mum is more difficult than most. The morning routine can be challenging with three other children to also get to school. Any delays cause Louie to become very distressed and it can take him a couple of hours to calm down.

But for mum Laura, these journeys are totally worth it, “the school is perfect for Louie’s needs.” He loves ‘studio time’, with its sensory lighting and sounds. Plus, his school will accommodate him until he is 19, which is great for Louie as he struggles with change. We want to make sure there is as much support for parents like Laura as possible. Will you help by rising to Louie’s challenge?

Jessie's 52K cycle

Complete a 52k bike ride for WellChild by taking part in Jessie’s 52k Cycle. The challenge can either be completed on a static bike at home or from your front door.
Jessie holding the Step Up medal she designed

Jessie’s Story

14-year-old Jess has Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, Chiari malformation and chromosome abnormality, which causes delayed development, limited mobility and chronic pain. Despite this, her mum, Alison tells us she’s the happiest person alive!

Every fortnight, Jess and her mum make the 52k journey to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for Jess’ care. Recently, Jess was an inpatient for six months as her bowel was perforated. This had a huge impact on family life. With two children back at home, Jess’ Mum Alison had to travel 52k back and forth every day. Alison would even drive home some nights at 11pm, when the nurses came to care for Jess, just to cuddle her other children, even though she was back in hospital the following morning before they woke up.

“If it were only Jess, I’d have stayed in hospital with her, but with two children back at home it meant travelling 52k each day to say goodnight to Joe and Liv too.”

Oliver's 257K Challenge

The ultimate challenge: 257K, at or from home, however you can. Take on Oliver’s Challenge to travel 257K, however you like and help WellChild reach more seriously ill children and their families. You could cycle the distance over the course of a week, run it over the summer months or get really creative and come up with your own way of completing the distance! It’s your challenge, your way.
Oliver holding the Step Up medal he designed

Oliver’s Story

Nine-year-old Oliver has alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC), an ultra-rare condition affecting less than one in a million people. It causes episodes of weakness in every muscle in Oliver’s body, from arms and legs to his breathing, and can last anywhere from a couple of hours to days. Some episodes he never fully recovers from.

Oliver’s condition means that on a regular basis they have to travel the 160 mile roundtrip from Southampton to see the only specialist for his condition in the country at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. This is a huge journey for a six-year-old. Oliver has to miss a day of school to attend his appointments and the journey has a big impact on the whole family. His dad cannot make every trip as he must take leave from work to do so, and childcare arrangements have to be made for his younger sister Alisia.

Making the trip multiple times a year is expensive and often impractical, but absolutely necessary.

We want to raise awareness of the distances young children like Oliver have to travel for their care and the impact this has on their families. Are you daring enough to take part in WellChild’s biggest virtual challenge?