Party Animals

This page is bursting with super fun activities, games, videos and competitions. You can pick and choose exactly what you would like to add to your party and when you would like to take part.

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Welcome Party Animals

We’re so excited that you’re here!

This pack is bursting with super fun activities, games, videos and competitions. You can pick and choose exactly what you would like to add to your party and when you would like to take part.

We will keep adding new activities each month as well as in the Facebook group, so make sure to sign up to the group if you haven’t already. Share your creations and thoughts with other Party Animals and upload your competition entries.

Below you will find your fellow Party Animals who all have different things to bring to the party! Click on the download buttons to see what activities they have in store. What are you waiting for? Get stuck in! We recommend that you get started with colouring in your flags and bunting to decorate your party room!

If you would like to start fundraising download our fundraising ideas sheet, or contact us for more ideas and support: [email protected]

Meet your Party Animals

Please always supervise children when taking part in the Party Animals activities. Throughout the pack we have highlighted where some children may need the support of an adult in particular. By registering for Party Animals you are confirming that WellChild is not liable for any injuries or harm that may come to your child(ren), relatives/friends/participants when taking part in any of the activities provided through the Party Animals event at any given time. 

Ways to Fundraise

Thank you for signing up to be a Party Animal for WellChild! We hope you enjoy the free activities and games in your downloadable pack. Here are some top tips on how to fundraise with your family.

Please help us give families the chance to thrive properly supported at home by donating anything you can.  Most of our Party Animals activities are free to download and we hope you enjoy taking part with your family at home. WellChild is totally reliant on voluntary fundraising and we are working as hard as possible to continue to support children with serious health needs and their families. See below for how your money can help and for ideas on how to fundraise.  


WellChild Child with her carer in full PPE

£5 will buy 100 surgical gloves for a family and their carers who so desperately need them during the pandemic.

WellChild COVID Response Service recipients with their PPE

£10 is enough for a two-week supply of surgical gloves for a family caring for a seriously ill child.

WellChild COVID Response Service delivering PPE to a family

£30 could pay for a package of face masks for a family and their carers.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can fundraise:

1. Host an all you can eat picnic and charge your friends and family a fee to join in.

2. Put on your own show using the instruments you’ve made with Isaac Iguana and your costume’s you created with Pippa, charge your friends and family to watch

3.Host a livestream fundraising challenge such as the 6 metre garden marathon (ask us for more details on how to set this up)

4. Pay £2 to enter our best dressed competition on Facebook and be in with the chance of winning a fabulous prize!

5. If singing and dancing isn’t your thing, why not host your own dog agility at home, host a competition with your friends and see who can complete your DIY course the fastest. Charge £5 to enter.

6.Host Yasmin Yak’s Quiz with all your friends. Charge £2 to enter and think of a fun prize for the winner.

7. If you have a birthday coming up why not host a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser?