Put on a show with Morris Monkey

When Morris isn’t being cheeky, he loves creating fun shows for all his friends.

morris monkey on teal confetti background

When Morris isn’t being cheeky, he loves creating and watching fun shows for all his friends to join in with. He is amazing at circus skills and the other party animals are always watching to see what his next party trick will be.

Have a go at creating your own shows or watch Morris’ pal Captain Fantastic perform his amazing magic show. If you’re feeling like something less energetic, watch and listen to a magical fairy story from a Little Dreamer’s Princess. 

Captain Fantastic’s Magic Show

Captain Fantastic has put on a brilliant magic show for you, and Morris Monkey, to enjoy. Could you put on your own show for friends and family? Why not have a go?

Princess Bedtime Routine and Story

Get cosy in your favourite pyjamas, grab your hair brush, teddy bear and favourite bedtime drink and listen to a very magical bedtime story!