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WellChild calls on Government and society to step-up for vulnerable children with serious health needs in light of COVID-19

By Chris Hill · March 11, 2020

WellChild nurse with child

WellChild is calling on the Government and society to do more to protect children and young people living with serious health conditions from the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Parents and carers are being forced to seek support and advice from one another via the charity’s online family network, the WellChild Family Tree, and that additional reassurance and guidance from the Government is urgently needed to safeguard some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society.

Colin Dyer, WellChild Chief Executive says;

“For children living with serious and complex health needs, catching a common cold can be serious enough. So, for many parents and carers, the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak are a source of immense anxiety. Many are providing highly complex, round the clock medical care at home to their children. They are reliant on home support from community nurses, carers, respite centres and on the availability of medicines and equipment. Because of their unique circumstances, they are naturally and understandably fearful and uncertain about what steps they need to take to keep their children safe.

We are therefore calling on the Government to urgently issue additional guidance to this too often forgotten group of parents and carers. We also ask for reassurances that proper contingency plans are being put in place to ensure a continuity of care and support is available during an outbreak for this highly vulnerable group of children and young people.

To society in general, we simply ask that we be vigilant in following Government advice and to consider our actions. Not just to keep ourselves safe, but to protect those we may come into contact with.”

 WellChild has pulled together some guidance for families concerned about the risk to their children from the latest official sources at

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