WellChild thanks supporters for PPE help during COVID-19

By Chris Hill · May 14, 2020

WellChild PPE distribution

Many families caring for seriously ill children are having to deliver round-the-clock care without carers during COVID-19, because of difficulty accessing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, thanks to support from some amazing companies and individuals, WellChild has been able meet this sudden and urgent need for help.

The WellChild COVID-19 Direct Response Team has received more than 350 urgent requests for PPE such as gloves, aprons, and face masks from families across the country, with numbers growing every day.

There are more than 100,000 children and young people living with serious health needs across the UK and many are reliant on external carers coming into their home. With families being advised to shield, they fear that the vital care they receive may stop unless they can provide carers with the correct PPE.

In response to the sudden surge in demand, WellChild’s COVID-19 Response Team has sourced more than 76,000 items of PPE from a number of organisations and groups. Thousands of which have been generously funded by property development company, Fusion, which the team are currently distributing to families across the UK.

One grateful recipient said: “The PPE has arrived and we wanted to say thank you very much. It’s been so difficult to get hand sanitizer and face masks. Now, our daughter’s carer can attend to her without worrying about COVID-19. It feels so heart warming that suppliers have donated these items for children who need them.”

Tara Parker, Director of Programmes at WellChild said: “We would like to thank all the companies and supporters who have supplied gloves, aprons, scrubs, face masks and hand sanitizer gels to the charity during this crisis, including FusionMedSupplyDriveNilaqua, the amazing Helping Dress Medics team, Top Gear Consumables, Maksa, Jalin Design and Gultek. With their help, WellChild is able to help hundreds of families with their urgently needed PPE supplies.”

WellChild team packing PPE