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Organisations and resources for families with an autistic child

Use this page to find resources and organisations that can help families with an autistic child.

There are lots of UK charities and peer to peer support groups who can support autistic children and their families. Some of the articles on WellChild’s information Hub may also be relevant to you if you have an autistic child who has serious health needs.

Charities for children on the autistic spectrum

Peer support groups

Peer support groups can be a great way to meet other parents and carers who have an autistic child. You can ask experienced parents for practical advice, emotional support and reassurance, and share your own experience of raising an autistic child. Most of these groups can be found on Facebook and we have selected two which we think could be helpful.

WellChild Information Hub

Some of the articles on the Wellchild Information Hub may be helpful if you have an autistic child. We have picked out the following articles as potentially being the most useful:

  • Money – This section of the Information Hub contains articles about financial support, including benefits and grants.
  • Home and Garden – this section will be relevant to families who care for a child with complex medical needs and those with an autistic child. Find information about small projects you can undertake to make your garden more suitable for your child, as well as a list of organisations who may be able to help.
  • Wellbeing – Our wellbeing section contains a range of articles for parents, siblings, and carers to help improve their wellbeing.

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First published March 2022

Last reviewed June 2023

Next review due June 2024