Shining a light on life caring for a child with complex health needs at home.

Across the UK, thousands of parents, siblings and carers are delivering high levels of medical care to their children at home. For many, the physical, emotional and financial strain is unseen, unrecognised and often misunderstood.

#notanurse_but is a parent-driven campaign that aims to shine a light on the reality of life behind closed doors for these families. It’s goal – to gather the evidence and highlight to decision makers the massive gaps in support that currently exist and need to be filled.

#notanurse_but is campaigning for a reality where at the start of every day, parents and carers have:

  • the services and support staff that are vital in helping them to care for their child;
  • the skills, confidence and information to provide the care their child needs 24/7;
  • the emotional support to help them when times get tough.

Parents and carers have given us a real insight into their day to day lives, and the challenges they often face, through a range of personal and powerful video diaries. Watch them here.

For me the biggest achievement so far is seeing so many families coming forward and sharing their experiences. We are not nurses, but do whatever it takes to keep our children safe and well at home

Leanne, #notanurse_but video diarist and Mum

Help shape a better future for families across the UK

Through the #notanurse_but campaign, we want to reach and connect with as many parents, carers and professionals as we can.  Please help us.

Help spread the word

  • Create your own video diary and send it to us via WeTransfer, to notanurse_but@wellchild.org.uk, or upload it to our Facebook campaign page.
  • Add #notanurse_but to your profile pic – Register your support on Twibbon and get a #notanurse_but logo added to your Facebook and Twitter profile pics
  • Social media – share the campaign page, your experiences and the stories of others using #notanurse_but
  • Tell your friends, family, colleagues and wider networks

Download the following resources to help you

A5 Postcard


Make your own video diary

Diaries are a really powerful way of sharing your experiences.  They can really help to tell the world about your experiences providing high levels of medical care to your child, your frustrations and what needs to change. You can use them to share what you have got in place that works, or what would help you – emotionally, practically, or financially?

Here are some top tips for recording your own diary, and how you can send back to us:

  • Use your phone, iPad or camera.
  • Shoot in landscape.
  • Record 30 secs to a few minutes of footage. Try not to exceed 3 minutes.
  • Try to keep background noise to a minimum so we can hear the people in the video properly.
  • Send to us:

Attend or organise a #notanurse_but coffee morning

#notanurse_but coffee mornings are taking place across the UK to enable parents and carers to meet up and share their experiences. Discussions at the coffee mornings highlight the impact that the right support can have on families, but also the significant gaps in support available to families caring for children with exceptional health needs. They also provide an opportunity for professionals working with or on behalf of families to come along to find out more about the campaign and how they can support us.

Find our more about the #notanurse_but coffee mornings